Alto Sax (Eb) Instruction Books

Linear Jazz Improvisation Ed Byrne, DMA

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Linear Jazz Improvisation, by Ed Byrne top-selling jazz instruction book series. $39.95

Using a wealth of examples from the jazz repertory, Linear Jazz Improvisation, Book 1 avoids theoretical terminology and focuses on identifying and systematically developing the essential elements of tunes.

LJI offers not only the methodology for focused practicing of meaningful improvisation in your own style, it supplies the very substance of what you play.

Triads: Linear Jazz Improvisation Book 2 (Eb) Ed Byrne, DMA

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Triads: Linear Jazz Improvisation Book 2, by Ed Byrne top-selling jazz alto sax (Eb) instruction book. $39.95

Takes LJI Method into applied practice, including Free Sound Files to practice with. Develops the 4 basic triad types and targets each with the 10 LJI Chromatic Targeting Groups, notated in the 3 most common jazz keys, ranging over 2 octaves. Practice Playing and singing each exercise with the sound files, and then improvise. ;This is also a great ear training book: Internalizing these triad types will be a great first step towards mastering jazz language.

Seventh Chords: Linear Jazz Improvisation Book 3 (Eb) Ed Byrne, DMA

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Seventh Chrods: Linear Jazz Improvisation Book 3, by Ed Byrne top-selling jazz alto sax (Eb) instruction book. $39.95

Focuses on the chromatic targeting of the 12 LJI 7th Chords, spanning 2 octaves. Reveals wonderful octatonic pitch collections to improvise on, providing thousands of melodic ideas. This is also a great Ear Training book, since internalizing these essential 12 LJI 7th Chords will greatly advance your vocabulary. Learn by singing, playing, and then improvising on each, along with the Free Sound Files.

Discount Combo: Linear Jazz Improvisation Books 1-3 (Eb) Ed Byrne, DMA

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Discount Combo: Linear Jazz Improvisation Books 1-3 (Eb), by Ed Byrne top-selling jazz piano instruction books. $39.95

Save 20% by purchasing Books 1, 2, and 3 in this convenient all-in-one download (discount not available in hard copy). The LJI Combo will prepare you for applying the method to specific jazz tunes: Book 1 explains LJI concepts, in plain language, with musical examples notated in state of the art software. Book 2 applies the method's 10 LJI Chromatic Targeting Groups to the 4 triad types (major, minor, augmented, diminished) notated in 3 keys to get you started learning them in all keys. Book 3 applies the 10 LJI Chromatic Targeting Groups to the 12 LJI 7th Chords. Product Details Convenient e-book format Clear, concise text Available in 4 keys, for all instruments/voices Free Sound Files ~ (not Book 1) NB: Eb books are in upper register.

Joy of Improv - Volume 1 Dave Frank

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Joy of Improv, by Dave Frank with John Amaral, is Hal Leonard’s top-selling jazz instruction book series. $27.99

It is currently being used as course material at universities and music schools worldwide, and is designed for players of all instruments as a way to develop the necessary foundation needed for a lifetime of blues and jazz improvisation.

Unlike many of the jazz instruction books on the market, JOI is a comprehensive curriculum for the aspiring improviser. Each book contains 26 lessons of graduated difficulty, and every lesson includes a technical exercise, loads of hip jazz voicings, a “solo pattern” for transposition, and an original blues tune and jazz line (based on a standard) written by Dave. Each book includes an CD enhanced for PC and Mac containing valuable verbal teaching by Dave, and recordings of all the exercise and tunes. Included as well is a unique discography of great jazz solos and 52 inspiring quotes from the jazz and blues greats.

Joy of Improv - Volume 2 Dave Frank

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Lessons 27 through 52 further explore more advanced chord voicings, chord arranging techniques and more challenging blues and melodic lines. The accompanying enhanced CD is used in conjunction with the text and music as a listening and play-along tool. $26.99

“Not only will the Joy Of Improv approach work, but as the man says, it will be joyful!” - Lee Konitz “If you’re a musician who really wants to stretch your creativity, Joy Of Improv is an excellent place to start” - Dr. Billy Taylor

Breakthrough to Improv DVD Dave Frank

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Breakthrough to Improv DVD: The Secrets of Improvisation. 15 steps to musical freedom for all musicians. $19.99

Breakthrough to Improv is a revolutionary one-hour video master class presented by Dave Frank, Berklee professor and author of the popular Hal Leonard book series Joy of Improv.

Breakthrough is designed to give players of all instruments the experience of "breaking through" to the creative approach to improvising music.

The video presents a unique series of 15 steps towards musical freedom—each step includes a teaching section, playing demonstrations, and a “practice point.” Breakthrough is designed to be watched with instrument at hand—viewers learn a series of improv concepts that lead quickly to an ability to jam on a blues form. In addition, an accompaniment section is provided at the end of the video so students can “play along with Dave.”

Topics presented include:

Breaking free from the written page

The universal principles of improvisation

Feeling in Fours, the secret of improvising in the flow of rhythm

The improviser’s attitude

Developing “killer chops”

Breakthrough has been developed by Dave Frank on the basis of 30 years experience teaching aspiring improvisers on all instruments, and is guaranteed to get the viewer Jamin! Musicians with previous improv experience will find that Breakthrough contains unique concepts and techniques that will expand their improv ability. Breakthrough is also highly recommended for music teachers and professionals looking for a way to begin teaching improvisation to their students.

"Dave Frank has just the kind of warm personality you’d want to find if you were just learning how to improvise. He takes you through the basics of a simple blues progression, giving you plenty of opportunities to play along, and plenty of ideas on how to explore your new skills."
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