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Blue Truffle Music caters to both new and veteran jazz fans by featuring music from some of today’s most innovative jazz artists.

Blue Truffle Music Store

The Blue Truffle Music Store is perfect for those who demand today’s finest music but do not have time to sift through millions of online mega-store catalogs to find it themselves.

This store features today’s finest music from selected independent artists and record labels. All Blue Truffle artists regularly perform jazz at concert halls, festivals, night clubs, churches and other modern venues around the globe and are selected based upon both their proficiency in jazz improvisation as well as their passion to create new music.

Download high quality digital files (Mp3-320 kpbs and FLACs) or purchase CDs and CD-Rs. The Blue Truffle Music Store specializes in providing comprehensive artists pages containing track samples, detailed liner notes, artist bios, album-specific composer’s notes, photos, videos, and more.

This is not your parents’ jazz (and certainly not your kids' music, either!). While we have great respect for the 20th century jazz masters, we are committed to serving today’s jazz community. Most Blue Truffle jazz artists have advanced degrees from today’s top universities (many universities now offer degrees in jazz performance and musical arts). Browse the artist pages in the Blue Truffle Music Store to discover some of today’s finest music.

Sit back and enjoy a glass of fine red wine and a bowl of fettuccine with black truffles while listening to some of today’s best jazz. Cool off a hot summer night with a glass of sangria, a plate of paella and some Latin jazz, or just a beer and burger with a side of blues. Simply take some time to relax and enjoy to some of today’s finest music.

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Sell Your Music in the Blue Truffle Music Store

Interested in selling your music in the Blue Truffle Music Store? The Blue Truffle Music Store specializes in jazz improvisation, and is available to selected jazz artists that regularly perform both nationally and internationally in clubs, concerts, and related jazz venues.

Because Blue Truffle customers have come to expect only the finest jazz improvisations, all albums must be pre-approved before they can be added to the Blue Truffle Music Store. As a result, we are only able to sell a percentage of the jazz albums submitted for consideration. While we accept all styles/genres of jazz, only selected albums featuring jazz improvisation will be considered. In addition, we reserve the right to limit the number of albums in any single genre.

Qualified applicants interested in selling their completed jazz albums in the Blue Truffle Music Store must send a link to audio files and related information (e.g., album reviews, press releases, etc.) to

Why Blue Truffle?

The Blue Truffle Music Store is a non-exclusive digital marketplace for selected jazz downloads, CDs, sheet music, books, private Skype lessons, merchandise, etc.

Blue Truffle jazz artists can increase sales and gain exposure without restricting and/or interfering with their existing marketing and sales activities (e.g., iTunes, CD Baby, TuneCore, Amazon, etc.)

Download the BTM Features PDF for more information (494 KB)


Selected jazz artists must provide Blue Truffle with:
  • Jazz Albums: Completed CD, digital cover art, related metadata (titles, song lengths, etc.)
  • Promotional Materials: Liner notes, biography, press quotes, videos, website/social media links, one sheets, press kits, and any other relevant promotional materials.

Once your album is listed in the Blue Truffle Store, update your website, Twitter/Facebook, etc., with a link to your Blue Truffle artist page.

Download the BTM Promotional Upgrade PDF for more information (431 KB)

Blue Truffle Jazz Boutique

The new Blue Truffle Jazz Boutique features gift cards, sheet music, posters, and related jazz merchandise. One stop shopping for both rookie and veteran jazz fans alike. Give the gift of music and ignite a lifetime of musical discovery.

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Jazz Community Resources

Featuring non-profit organizations, private jazz lessons, online master classes and brick and mortar CD stores.

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