Jazz Community Resources

Listed below are just a few of our favorite local jazz organizations, record stores, master classes, private music lessons, etc.

Although not listed on this page, your local jazz artists are perhaps the most valuable jazz resources!

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New York City

Jazz Foundation of America From performance opportunities to emergency living expenses to medical care to housing, the Jazz Foundation of America offers a variety of programs and assistance for jazz and blues musicians in need.

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Washington, DC

The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz is a non-profit music education organiza-tion co-founded in 1986 by the family of the late American jazz musician Thelonious Monk, opera singer Maria Fisher and Thomas R. Carter, its current president.

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New Jersey

Founded in 1972, The New Jersey Jazz Society is dedicated to the performance, promotion and preservation of jazz.

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Since 2010 the New Brunswick Jazz Project has been making Central Jersey a destination for great jazz. We bring world renowned veteran musicians and emerging talent to local venues every week.

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The Hartford Jazz Society enjoys a history as rich as it is diverse. Founded in 1960 by dedicated jazz aficionados, it is the oldest continuously operating jazz society in the country.

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The Pennsylvania Jazz Society is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and presentation of traditional and mainstream jazz music.

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