Turning It Loose
Dave Frank

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Turning It Loose

Solo Piano

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Tracks/MP3 Samples

PlayA Night In Tunisia

Gone With the Wind

Alone Together

PlaySnow Falls On Fifth Ave.

Star Eyes


Without a Song

Here's That Rainy Day

All the Things You Are

PlayPrayer At St. Patrick's

Musical Roots

You Stepped Out Of a Dream

Liner Notes

Dave Frank: solo piano
Produced by Dave Frank and Paul Bagin
Associate producers Charlie Banacos and Randy Klein
Engineered and mastered by Paul Bagin
Recorded in 2007/2008 at Lofish Studios, NYC
;Piano prepared by Walter Fischbacher
Mastered at SRT Studio, NY
Art Direction and Design by Richard Mantel
Photography by Borges Photography
Cover Concept by Dave Frank
Dave Frank compositions/Improvisations copyright Spacefish Publishing, 2008

The music on this CD was recorded live to two-track on a Yamaha C7 grand piano.
There are no pitch/speed alterations or edits on any of the tracks.


To contact the Dave Frank School of Jazz in Manhattan visit DaveFrankJazz.com or email dave@davefrankjazz.com

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Turning It Loose: From Dave Frank

The music on this CD was recorded in two sessions, one in April of 2007, and the other in May of 2008. Between the time of recording my last Jazzheads CD, Ballads and Burners, in 2000, and the recording of this CD, I had moved from Boston to New York City to direct the Dave Frank School of Jazz on 57th St. in Manhattan.

On a personal level, these recordings were done during a time of health and happiness. I was living in the heart of NYC with my wonderful wife Hari, and we were enjoying the pulse of the Big Apple. I was blessed with great students, friends, and family. In my meditations I was beginning to feel my higher power as a calm presence, morphing into a powerful electric-type of creative energy.

On a musical/pianistic level, I was trying, among other things, with this recording to expand my left hand concept. Some of the LH devices used on this record include: a 1-5-5(8vb)-5 ostinato, a half time bassline on 1 + 3 or 2 + 4 of the bar, a 4/4 walking bass, LH octave melodies, pedal points in block and broken octaves, 10ths, traditional LH comping chords, and “the doorknob”, a LH figure switching between 7/10 and 1 in half notes. While the RH improvised lines, I changed the LH concept frequently to expand the bass palette beyond the constant walking bass.

Thanks go to God(Life) for allowing me the time and energy to complete this project, the great Charlie Banacos for mentoring all the music, Randy Klein and the folks at Jazzheads for their time, interest and promotion, my compadre and co-producer Paul Bagin for his friendship, support and superlative engineering and mastering, my wife Hari Kaur for her patience and dedication, Yogi Bhajan, Walter and the folks at Lofish recording in NYC for providing a fantastic piano and recording environment, Irene Frank, Dr. Eric Goldsmith, and to the wonderful students who fill my life with purpose and enjoyment. Thank you too, the listener, for your time and for your ears. May I suggest that you do what I do with this music: put on this CD and dance!

This CD is dedicated with deep gratitude to Paramahansa Yogananda.

The music on this CD was recorded live to two-track on a Yamaha C7 grand piano.
There are no pitch/speed alterations or edits on any of the tracks.

Special thanks to:

Randy Klein at Jazzheads Records for his encouragement and advice.
My three great teachers John La Rosa, Lennie Tristano and Charlie Banacos for their guidance.
My wife Abby for her patience and devotion.
Irene Frank for her invaluable support.
Jeanne Zephir for her great cover illustration.
Mary Kent for her great graphic design.
G.C.S. Khalsa for his personal guidance.
Paul Bagin for his technical work, production assistance & friendship.
Bob Donnely for his legal assistance and advice.

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Dave Frank is one of today's busiest solo jazz pianists and educators, the author of the best-selling Hal Leonard book and video series, Joy of Improv and Breakthrough to Improv, and was an Associate Professor at Berklee College.

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