Yiannis Kassetas
Saxophonist, Pianist, Composer

Yiannis Kassetas has been working as a saxophonist, pianist and composer from the age of 18 (Pallini Music High School in 1995; Nakas Conservatory in 1998 and Berkley College of Music in 2001).

He has played in almost every jazz festival and club in Greece and has collaborated with many of the giants of the Greek music scene, including George Kontrafouris, Dimitris Vasilakis and many others. He has toured and recorded with international jazz giants Clarence Penn, Miles Griffith, Jason Yarde and others.

He has three personal CDs with one of the best Jazz Labels in Athens, Puzzlemusik. Yarde says about Yiannis composing abilities: "His music is beautiful and evocative..." Miles Griffith has also expressed deep passion for the saxophone player's works and has been singing compositions of Kassetas' every Sunday at Smoke, one of New York’s finest jazz clubs.



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Sedative Jungle

Yiannis Kassetas-George Spanos

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Jungle of Illusions

George Spanos


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Funk Abyss

Yiannis Kassetas

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